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Heaven Knows I’m Happy That Your Here

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Summer Night In June

One song that Was written on a Summer Night when the world was everything I thought it would ever be. 

A Cup of Coffee By The Window

A song about the art of creativity and the process of consciously writing about the world around as and the connection to the remote places in our imagination that led me to the heart of my father and those he loved and admired around him. 

Shine On Me

A tune I wrote one Sunday morning when the sun was streaming through the window.

A Hundred and Fifty Dollar Car

A song about my first car and all the problems I had with it that piece by piece ended up making a pretty good song! 

I Wish I Was a Petrie Dish (A Diabetic Anthem)

Being a type 1 diabetic for over 45 plus years I'm lucky to be here! Living a life without any complications thanks to the generosity of my family, my doctors...The late Dr. Barclay, Dr. Suppa, and a man who has worked the past twenty years  always a just phone call away Dr. Luis Aparicio! Special thanks to Medicare and Medicaid assistance for providing the means to afford the supplies to keep me alive. Now with my and my insulin pump that gives me insulin automatically. I'm a Lucky Man!