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After 20 years my new CD “Rollin On The Ocean” is  here! An eclectic blend of Americana that is absolutely Divine! Enjoy!

David Devine: Singer-Songwriter

Songwriting Projections 2019

Greetings Everyone!  And welcome to my website. I'd like to share my songs from my new CD “Rollin On The Ocean” And here’s one of my favorites “Cloud Number Nine” https://www.reverbnation.com/daviddevine/song/30692394-cloud-number-nine track and my Woody Guthrie tribute “Rollin’ On The Ocean” that speaks to ones ability to enjoy and roll through these challenging and turbulent times https://www.reverbnation.com/daviddevine/song/30654606 and here’s another song

And here’s a great song "A Cup of Coffee by The Window" that was inspired by a picture I saw and the song it inspired that ran like a thread through my unconsciousness to another time. https://www.reverbnation.com/daviddevine/song/30654719-cup-of-coffee-by-the-window

This year my goal is to publish my songs, and solicit them to other artists, record companies, as well as license agencies for movies, and other programing  opportunities.

I’m am a singer-songwriter and a storyteller My songs and ballads read like a narrative of my life with the serious and  and humorous takes on love as well as thought-provoking insights as well as light-hearted and humorous tunes, all of which were influenced by many singer-songwriters especially John Prine, Lyle Lovette, Guy Clark, Leo Kottke,  Bob Dylan, and James Taylor, and many more who gave me an imprint and a foothold of where I wanted to go with my songwriting and music. My songs like theirs tell a story that are sometimes creations of my own imagination and sometimes reflect moments and people in my life that read like a book of memories.

Many of my songs can be found in the video section of this website and here!  


My publications include poem and song “If What Your Waiting For Is Christmas“ on National Public Radio’s “The Writers Almanac“ https://writersalmanac.publicradio.org/index.php%3Fdate=2004%252F07%252F16.html
and my poem “The One and Only Red Gerard“ about the youngest Olympian to ever win a gold medal was published in the Australian online magazine “snowboarding.com”  http://www.snowboard.com/news/red-gerard-inspires-poetry/

In Conclusion -  My songs and videos can be viewed on this website as well as YouTube: daviddaytondevine18 and and Reverbnation at ”daviddevinemedia” I look forward to talking to anyone interested in my catalog of songs and any opportunities that my work present. 

Thanks again for taking the time to read my post. 


David Devin


Cloud Number Nine

A song about love and courtship and endearing relationships. Words and Music by David Devine Copyright c2019 Ain’t That Devine Music All Rights Reserved 

A Hundred and Fifty Dollar Car

A song inspired by the intergrity and spirit of my timeless Toyota Corolla. Soon every problem that needed repaired became a rhyme, and every situation became a bridge to another verse  leading me to see how life is alive within everyone and everything! 


Roger and Me


I was introduced to Roger Miller at  early age and it forever changed the way I looked at the world.  

I met him at Harlan Howard’s Birthday Party at the BMI parking lot. He was a hoot! We shared stories about old jalopies and the ride they gave us! 

I think he might have liked this song! 

”OMG I’m Going Out Tonight”




I was in Nashville in Spring 1991 and I was able to meet some wonderful people. One of the most endearing was the onetime manager of the Grand Ole Opry Mr. Ott Devine who  believed in me and felt I had what it took to make it. He even took me backstage of the Grand Ole Opry where he still was revered and respected to meet Roy Acuff and all the other stars.

He even set up a meeting with producer the infamous Mr. Owen Bradley who listened to my songs and wished me luck. I then appeared on The Nashville Network “Nashville Now” where I read my poem for my father “Dear Mr. Emery” which was broadcast nationwide. I also met and spoke to Jim Stafford who I had sent my songs to and really liked the “Hundred and Fifty Dollar Car”. and asked me I had anything as good and at the time that was the best I had.

I stayed with my friend Greg Garing who played everyday at the Opryland Hotel and I met many of his friends Larry Neely, John Hartford, And Pete Pyle who co-wrote Bill Monroe’s “Highway of Sorrow” who told me to never be afraid to write what hurts you most.  I think I tried to get close a few times. Here’s one of those times. 

”Already Gone”


I’ve spent a lifetime writing and learning my craft and now I think the best is yet to come.

I hope you can join me on this journey! I like my chances!


David Devine



"Hundred and Fifty Dollar Car"

"I Like it, I Like it A Lot" Jim Stafford

Great Songs

Aint That Devine


My CD "Aint That Devine" has some real keepers like "The Hundred and Fifty Dollar Car" "Summer Night in June" and “I’m Lost” and many more songs and ballad that run a thread through my life of joy and sorrow and moments of understanding when I least expected it. Order it on this website or by email:

dve.59iam@gmail.com or by phone (814) 790-2657 and my address David Devine, 232 Rice Ave, Girard, Pa 16417

My Beginnings


Growing up along the banks of Lake Erie I have let time roll away without realizing how much of it I have spent enjoying those in my family and friends and the coffeehouses and house parties and folk festivals that became a part of me. And especially now where my Facebook audience is my tabletop stage with sometimes immediate feedback with the songs and poems that I post. https://m.facebook.com/daviddaytondevine

I had been blessed to be surrounded by a mother and a father who loved music and song. My father playing the guitar and teaching me to play and sing, and playing records by Hank Williams and Roger Miller, and many others and Mom reading me Mother Goose And Dr. Suess and playing her records Elvis Presley and Ray Charles that would later influence my career in my writing and my love of music and song. 

So far so good this year in 2019. I continue to produce more songs and poems. I look forward to finding a publisher and building a network in the music industry. Heading to Los Angeles to see my nephew a budding comedian who wanted me to come out and see what Los Angeles had to offer. I look forward to it! Stay Tuned!

Summer Night In June

A song shared in a Dylanesque style about a warm summer night and the elusiveness of love that seems like only a heartbeat away.  


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