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My title track ”Rollin’ On The Ocean“ Check it out on YouTube:


David Devine: Singer-Songwriter

Songwriting Projections 2020

In 2020 I'm looking to see many projects coming into focus. On my website you will find my new CD "Rollin' On The Ocean" a nice mix of country, blues, folk, and pop featuring favorites like my soul searching song “Rollin‘ on The Ocean, and  a song about the endurance of love “Cloud Number Nine” and a tune about the beauty and the art of creativity in “Cup of Coffee by The Window” just to name a few right here on my jukebox! https://daviddevine.bandcamp.com

This coming year  I am looking forward to continue my work with the NSAI (The Nashville Songwriters of America International) in working with other professional songwriters in writing songs and how to pitch my songs to publishers and recording companies. 

I am currently soliciting my songs to publishers recording labels and  artist in the country, bluegrass, folk, pop genre, as well as talent agencies for movies, television and advertisements. 

If you have any questions, or want  to add any comments just contact me on the message board below!  Thanks! 


"Rollin On The Ocean"

CD "Rollin On The Ocean”


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  • Now Here is my new CD featuring 10 songs past and present of my originals featuring title track "Rollin on The Ocean" "Cloud Number Nine" "Cup of Coffee By The Window" and more songs and ballads your sure to enjoy. You can pay by credit or check or money order to David Devine 716 Mechanic Street, Girard, PA 16417 And thanks for your support! 




”Rollin’ On The Ocean”

”Keep up the good work”

Nashville Songwriters Association International 

“Cloud Number Nine”

”Lyric is excellent..really cool visuals and examples being set to support the hook...the chosen melody is great and I love the vibe”

Nashville Songwriters Association International 

 “Hundred and Fifty Dollar Car"

"I like it, I like it a lot!” 

Jim Stafford

“Cup of Coffee by The Window”

”I like the melody a lot as it’s really simple and really seems to support the lyric and sets up the right feel in the song”.

Nashville Songwriters Association International 

Roger and Me

One of the funniest, original, comedian/songwriters to ever pick and sing “Roger Miller”!

I was introduced to Roger Miller at  an early age and it forever changed the way I looked at the world.  He garnered Grammy’s for his hit single “King of The Road” as well as pen other great humorous and heartfelt numbers.

I met him at Harlan Howard’s Birthday Party at the BMI parking lot. He was a hoot! We shared stories about old jalopies and the ride they gave us! 

I think he might have liked this song! 

”OMG I’m Going Out Tonight”




I was in Nashville in Spring 1991 and I was able to meet some wonderful people. One of the most endearing was the onetime manager of the Grand Ole Opry Mr. Ott Devine. And although we were not related except for our love of country music he believed in me and felt I had what it took to make it. He took me to the backstage of the Grand Ole Opry where he said he wanted to introduce me to his friends where he still was revered and respected by so many of the staff and Stars! I still remember that night and how good it was to have spent our time together.  (In the picture is Me, Ott Devine, and my dad Dayton)


Poetry Moments

The One and Only Red Gerard.

The One and Only Red Gerard

This poem is about the youngest winter Olympian to ever win a gold medal snowboarder Red Gerard and his journey from his miniature snowboarding park in his backyard to the top of the mountain at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics... The One and Only Red Gerard!

The One and Only Red Gerard

Learned to fly in his own backyard

On a course his brothers built

Where they would pull him up the hill

Where on his snowboard down he’d go

As he flew across the snow

Where he would learn his many tricks

That would take him on his many trips 

Around the country he was the best

As he soon rose above the rest

Where he would finally get his shot

To take it to the mountain top

Where he would fly across the sea

Surrounded by his family

To be only seventeen

To be living his Olympic dream

On that crisp and cold winter day

He looked unnerved now some would say

And with his coach on the loft

He crouched his knees and he took off

Upon his board I watched him sail

As he slid across the rails

To the first ramp he did his tricks

With a couple turns and twists

Then he turned all the way around

And down the slope he flew down

To the next ramp he quickly hit 

Where he did his backward flip

And on his feet I watched him land

I thought surely on his can

For the next ramp would be the final one

And he thought just how he’d land that run

As he flew down so cool and swift

Into that brisk breeze he got his lift.

Right off the ramp I watched him spin

Around the world and back again

As he turned into the swirling air

That spun him like a swivel chair

And when he finally knew it was complete

As he landed right there on his feet

And the crowd went crazy like he had won

Like they had crowned their favorite son

And now the rest is history

For that day he got the Gold you see

For the world of sports a shining star

 The One and Only Red Gerard. 

By David Devine

The place of dreams and inspiration.

The Here and Now

You may find the here and now

along the road below the clouds

underneath a frozen stream 

as clear as crystal rolling dream

that wanders like your busy mind

and puts you in this place in time

where your heart has ears

and your soul has eyes

at the foot of where your nature lies

with all the grace that time allows

that walks you down the here and now.


“Ode to Another Turkey Dinner”

“‪Ode to Another Turkey Dinner” 

Winner Winner turkey dinner! 

Grab a plate, fill my inners. 

God knows I’m not getting thinner, 

But I have to store up for the winter. 

For dessert cheesecake topped with ginger. 

I’m getting sleepy holler “Timber!” 

Write a poem, Hit the printer 

“Ode to Another Turkey Dinner” 

Wait a minute, I just discovered 

How could I forget my mother, 

who had brought us all together, 

Who has done this day seems like forever! 

As we joined in with all the fixins,

 bastein’, baking, tastin’ mixin’! 

I love you Mom, there’s no one better! 

I’ll have to put this in a letter. 

Now that’s a wrap, hit the printer “

“Ode to Another Turkey Dinner” 

David Devine



"A Poetry Moment"

A Poetry Moment


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"A Poetry Moment" is an audiobook and chapbook that features a lyrical  lifetime of poems that I've gathered that share stories and insights and true to life experience's that capture a moment in time. 

"Songbook Ideas included with CD "Songs i love to sing"

A cartoon from my children’s Songbook “Songs I Like to Sing” and my poem “I Like My Hat”!

I Like My Hat

“I Like My Hat“ is great tune about all the pets the owner owns and how much they like his hat too! This fun tune is just one of the sing-alongs on the CD "Songs I Love to Sing" and illustrated songbook the whole family will enjoy! https://www.reverbnation.com/daviddevinekidztunes/song/31065947-i-like-my-hat

An illustration from my children’s Songbook “Songs I Love to Sing”! And my humorous “sing-along” “Grandma’s Farm”!

Grandma's Farm

Grandma had a goat that everything in sight. He already ate the rose and the garden hose, who knows what he'll eat next! Enjoy the CD "Songs I Love to Sing"  with tunes featured here! https://www.reverbnation.com/daviddevinekidztunes/song/31065949-grandmas-farmd h

“”A Rhino in My Sink” is a great lyrical story told in song!

A Rhino In My Sink

Join the boy who one day finds a rhino in his sink and is left with the impossible dilemma of getting him out!  Just another tune in my songbook thats included with the CD "Songs I Love to Sing" will keep entertained and reading and singing along!  https://www.reverbnation.com/daviddevinekidztunes/song/31065946-a-rhino-in-my-sink


"Songs I Love to Sing"

"Songs I Love to Sing"


($0.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Enjoy my Cd and illustrated songbook that will have you singing and reading along of my new children's CD "Songs I Love to Sing" with funny songs like "Grandma's Farm" about a goat who ate everything in site but the kitchen sink. The boy who finds a rhino in his sink and is left with the impossible job of getting him out! And "Charlie Likes to Fly His Kite".  Me and My Backpack", and many more that you will enjoy and singing along! Send Check or Money order to 716 Mechanic Street, Girard, PA 16417 ...Just in time for Christmas!!

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