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Check out My title track ”Rollin’ On The Ocean” at https://daviddevine.bandcamp.com

David Devine: Singer-Songwriter

Songwriting Projections 2019

 I joined the Nashville Songwriters Association International last week and sent them my song “Rollin’ On The Ocean” for review and they really liked it and told me “to get it out there” and so I did I hope you have a chance to hear it.   
  Rollin' on the Ocean https://youtu.be/xNZod9z69Tw via @YouTube 

And  here’s amother good song "A Cup of Coffee by The Window" that was inspired by a picture I saw and the song it insptired https://www.reverbnation.com/daviddevine/song/30654719-cup-of-coffee-by-the-window

My goal is to publish my songs, and solicit them to other artists, record companies, as well as license agencies for movies, and other programing  opportunities. 

I have registered my songs, poems, and plays with The Writers Guild of America West in finding work with talent agencies for movies, television, and commercial possibilities. 


Cloud Number Nine

I wish that I could take you / where the sun would always shine /Where everyday was Christmas / in the good ole summertime / Where that heavy heart of sorrow / was the furthest from your mind / And we could go out walkin’ / up on Cloud Number Nine

A Hundred and Fifty Dollar Car

A song inspired by the intergrity and spirit of my timeless Toyota Corolla. Soon every problem that needed repaired became a rhyme, and every situation became a bridge to another verse  leading me to see how life is alive within everyone and everything! 




”Rollin’ On The Ocean”

”Keep up the good work”

Nashville Songwriters Association International 

“Cloud Number Nine”

”Lyric is excellent..really cool visuals and examples being set to support the hook...the chosen melody is great and I love the vibe”

Nashville Songwriters Association International 

 “Hundred and Fifty Dollar Car"

"I like it, I like it a lot!” 

Jim Stafford

“Cup of Coffee by The Window”

”I like the melody a lot as it’s really simple and really seems to support the lyric and sets up the right feel in the song”.

Nashville Songwriters Association International 

Roger and Me


I was introduced to Roger Miller at  an early age and it forever changed the way I looked at the world.  He garnered Grammy’s for his hit single “King of The Road” as well as pen other great humorous and heartfelt numbers.

I met him at Harlan Howard’s Birthday Party at the BMI parking lot. He was a hoot! We shared stories about old jalopies and the ride they gave us! 

I think he might have liked this song! 

”OMG I’m Going Out Tonight”




I was in Nashville in Spring 1991 and I was able to meet some wonderful people. One of the most endearing was the onetime manager of the Grand Ole Opry Mr. Ott Devine. And although we were not related except for our love of country music he believed in me and felt I had what it took to make it. He took me to the backstage of the Grand Ole Opry where he said he wanted to introduce me to his friends where he still was revered and respected by so many of the staff and Stars! I still remember that night and how good it was to have spent our time together.  

While I lived in Nashville I stayed with my friend Greg Garing who played everyday at the Opryland Hotel and I met many of his great friends Larry Neely, Bill Monroe, John Hartford, Vassar Clements, and so many more especially Pete Pyle who co-wrote Bill Monroe’s “Highway of Sorrow” who told me to never be afraid to write what hurts you most.  I think I tried to get close a few times. Here’s one of those times. 

”Already Gone”


Poetry Moments

The One and Only Red Gerard


This poem is about the youngest Olympian to ever win a gold medal as I followed his amazing rise to the top! https://www.snowboard.com/news/red-gerard-inspires-poetry/

Ode to a Burned Out Light Bulb


Sometimes a spiritual awakening is the awareness that we are apart of a bigger picture. 

Sometimes a lamp will just stay lit, but sometimes the lightbulb quits. And just when you think the light is gone, you look again and it came back on! Here to think the bulb was shot! I guess it was a bit somewhat, but like a flash from the great beyond, my burned out light just came back on!

By David Devine

Audio/Book “A Poetry Moment”

Dear Mr. Emery


When I went to Nashville I had a chance to read my poem on TNN’s “Nashville Now” and the longtime host Ralph Emery. When I wrote on my blue card why I wanted to be on a popular show called “Nashville Now” I wrote that I had a poem about a die-hard Nashville Now fan! And so when Mr.Emery called my name I went nationwide with my poem

 “Dear Mr. Emery”

Dear Mr. Emery/My Dad just loves your show/Why I bet he’d fall out of his chair if you just said “Hello”/ He sits there every evening till it’s time to hit the hay and reminisces with you all the songs of yesterday/And when the show gets rollin he jumps up to his feet/And plays along with Hoot and Fred and he don’t miss a beat/ and when the song is over and you say “We’ll be back with more” that’s when he takes his hat off and he throws it on the floor./Well, I just thought I’d tell ya the way some fans can be/When they live in Pennsylvania with their heart in Tennessee...( And then Mr. Emery turned to the camera that night and said “Hello Dayton”! and the place lit up with applause! ) (My brother Chuck just said when Mr. Emery said “Hello Dayton” He had a tear in his eye. I knew what it meant to him.)


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